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Our History:

The Pantry has been in operation for the past 18 years.  It started in a closet, with the members of the church donating food to the Pantry.  Whenever someone came to the church needing help we could give a few bags of food from the closet.  Over the last 7 years with the Lord's direction and blessings the pantry grew.  The Lord provided us with many things: Nationwide transportation and connections to get product for our panty, a large truck to pickup big loads of food, a pantry shed to store more things, new refrigeration and freezer units, hand carts and free laptops to allow us to run the pantry more efficiently.  God is Good!  We are now a weekly walk-in service.   We have 15-20 dedicated workers to serve and help supplement the needs of the community.

FOOD PANTRY MISSION: Planting a harvest one seed at a time. While planting a harvest one seed at a time. Our goal is to help meet the needs of those around us. While supplying food, clothes, and the basic necessities, we also offer hope and love to help encourage and strengthen people's lives.

Isaac Mann

Food Pantry Director